Brand Marketing Executive

Job description


The incumbent will perform a variety of tasks in support of business operations (locally and regionally) within the Marketing Department. These will include and is not limited to:

  • Analysing, conceptualizing, implementing and managing data driven strategies for traditional and digital advertising.
  • Analyse qualitative and quantitative data, trends, strategies and competition aimed at increasing competitiveness.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Understand Brand objectives, Brand guidelines and Best Practices.
  2. Ensure Brand awareness, Brand recall and top of mind for customers and consumers.
  3. Measure effectiveness of plans, strategies, sales pre calls and budgets.


  • Make data driven recommendations for all traditional media placement; this includes but not limited to Television, Press, Radio, Billboards and Magazines. Tools such as Epicor 10, MFO Reports and Media Insite should be leveraged.
  • Manage all traditional advertising contracts; ensure contracts are renewed and all outstanding bills validated and paid in a timely manner.
  • Work closely with outsourced graphic designers to ensure creative/effective ad concepts are developed for all advertising channels; ensure all Company and Principal branding guideline are strictly adhered to.
  • Review and report on Media Insite findings.
  • Conduct media audits via questionnaires, surveys, etc.

New Media:

  • Develop digital content/promotions aligned with meeting our short-term and long-term objectives: this is hinged on an assessment of current sales versus target performance by SKU.
  • Prepare all digital content ensuring accuracy, timeliness, and compliance with all branding guidelines (both Company and the Principals) are constantly maintained.
  • Analyze key digital metrics: review digital content/channel performance, competitive activity, trending and community feedback to recommend changes (short and long term) to the current strategy to improve reach/engagement/usability.
  • Liaise with both external (developers, agencies) and internal (ICT) parties to resolve any technical problems with all digital channels.

Social Media:

  • Identify, evaluate, select, and monitor the most relevant social media/digital channels.
  • Manage and control Company’s Digital Media platforms
  • Create and maintain an up-to-date social marketing plan. Assist in designing and implementation of the social media strategy to align with business goals.
  • Raise brand awareness and protect brand equity by executing social media marketing campaigns using the most appropriate social media channels.
  • Identify and document social media best practices.
  • Establish relationships with the online community by identifying key influencers that fit our online strategy.
  • Review, assess and make recommendations on each Digital Media performance including budget, engagement rates, following and estimated return on investment. Conduct ongoing social media market research and channel development.
  • Communicate with followers, respond to queries in a timely manner {24 hours} and monitor customer reviews.

Marketing Analyst

  • Interpret data, formulate reports and make recommendations - daily, monthly, quarterly, annually.
  1. Sales reports based on performance by customer and product.
  2. Sales performance versus PY, MOM and quarterly plan
  3. Stock reports identifying expiry {monthly report} and out of stock risk {daily}.
  4. Sales performance report of Medical Reps {by zone and territory}
  5. Any other report as required by the Marketing Manager
  • Formulate suggestions based on findings and present it to the Marketing Manager.
  • Gather and analyse statistical data using resources provided example PowerBI and Epicor
  • Design specific research methods such as questionnaires, feedback forms etc
  • Identify risk products based on sales trends and develop promotional calendar by customer including budgets, potential sales and return on investment.

Regional Business (Brand):

  • To assist the Marketing Manager in the management of the Brand's Regional Portfolio. This includes, but is not limited to, liaising with internal and external stakeholders, following up on queries/orders and performing other administrative duties to ensure that service levels are constantly maintained.


  • Process all media and other department bills in a timely manner; ensure all requisitions are accompanied by adequate documentation to support completion.
  • Maintain updated files as it pertains to contracts and other correspondence that fall under the purview.
  • Tracks and manages monthly brand expenses providing a rolling month reconciliation.
  • Monitor and control expenditure to ensure compliance with approved budgets.
  • Maintain effective communication via emails and phone calls with service providers to ensure accurate ad placement and timely resolution of issues.
  • Perform all other related duties.


Minimum Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or Business Management
  • Social media channel management and content creation experience.
  • 3 years practical experience
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office 2013, Advanced Excel capabilities
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Data management
  • Team work
  • Confidentiality
  • Problem-solving
  • Organizational and planning
  • Time management skills and the ability to prioritize work
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Customer service orientation
  • Communication skills - verbal and written