Finance Analyst

Job description

Our client is seeking a driven professional to assist the Finance Department in the preparation of timely and accurate financial information and analysis to support the decision making process of the Executive Management team which meets the group reporting requirements.  

Key Responsibilities 

  • Budgeting and Forecasting: 1) Prepare the company’s annual and half year budgeted financial statements and reports. 2) Prepare and update the Cash flow forecast and circulate the daily cash position. 3) Prepare and circulate the Budgeted “Left to Spend Expense” Report
  • Internal Audit: 1) Closure of all Management Letter points. 2) Preparation of the Internal Audit Reports and Statutory Obligation Reports. 3) Execution of quarterly compliance checks (mini audits.) 4) Review and update company’s policies and procedures. 5) Finance Representative for STOW, HACCP and EHS. 6) Ensure coordination of the 10 days and month-end Inventory Stock Count procedure and the annual Fixed Asset Count and Useful Life review. 7) Chair the monthly Inventory Count Variance Meeting. 8) Ensures potential changes to the Chart of Accounts are coordinated with the Financial Reporting Team and IT. 9) Maintenance of the Insurance Register.
  • Pricing and Costing: Prepare Pricing Scenarios for new and existing clients. 2) Prepare ALL Airlines Master Price List. 3) Cost of Sales Computation.
  • Management Reporting 1) Coordinate information for quarterly Board of Directors meeting and prepare the necessary presentation and reports. 2) Preparation of the monthly variance report and management reports to support the Management Accounts. 3) Prepare monthly reports for the Directors.
  • Cost Management: 1) Recommend and direct changes in operating procedures to improve efficiencies in payment and procurement processes. 2) When necessary, offer analytical support for departmental projects. 3) Monitor and document actual costs versus budgeted costs. 4) Where cost exceed budget, provide detailed analysis for reasons and solutions to realign to budgeted estimate. 5) Examine data to help with reducing costs in all operations and provide suggestions for money-saving strategies.
  • Cash Flow: 1) Tracking inventory spend by supplier on a weekly basis and submit to management for review. 2) Compare prices for Top 20 Food Items and ensure alignment to company’s strategy. 3) Monitor supplier purchases against credit limit/credit terms.
  • Records Management: 1) Filing ALL Budgeting and Controlling documents. 2) Electronic filing System is maintained.
  • Reporting: Prepares all periodic and ad-hoc reports within agreed quality and delivery standards, ensuring both timeliness and accuracy.
  • Supervision: 1) Supervisor and support Accounts Clerks towards the attainment of departmental goals and objectives. 2) Editing of all AP batches, Stock count sheets and adjusting journals.


Minimum Qualifications & Experience 

  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Economics, or Finance or equivalent experience
  • Completed foundation and intermediate stages in ACCA (completed Level II) or CIMA (completed Level III)
  • A minimum of 3-4 years’ experience in a similar position (Accountant, Financial Analyst etc.)
  • Supervised and supported Accounts Clerks towards the attainment of departmental goals and objectives. Including: Editing of all AR batches, Stock count sheets and adjusting journals
  • Advanced Level Microsoft Office Suite
  • Excellent use of Excel & comfortable being testing on the following functions: 1) Spreadsheets Accessibility: General and Number Formatting 2) Pulling the Numbers All Together: VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP 3) Pivot tables 4) IF, AND, OR every user needs to know how to use these basic conditional logic formulas
  • Strong understanding and knowledge of Budgeting, pricing, costing and internal control
  • Good working knowledge of International Accounting Standards
  • Requires an extensive knowledge of business and an excellent command of the English language
  • Excellent problem-solving skills — the individual identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner and gathers and analyses information skilfully.
  • Excellent arithmetic, and report writing skills
  •  MUST have extensive experience in the following areas: 
  1. Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger Reconciliations and International Accounting Standards 
  2. Financial Reporting: 1) Coordinate the month-end close off process as per Company guideline 3) Prepare draft monthly financial statements and report 4) Coordinate information for quarterly Board of Directors presentation 5) Preparation of all month end schedules to support the Financial Statement inclusion of Bank Reconciliations 6) Ensuring revenue are enter correctly and all invoices are posted on time
  3. Statutory Requirements: 1) Calculation of the monthly and quarterly Corporation Taxation, Business Levy and Green Fund liabilities 2) Calculation of the monthly VAT liability 3) Preparation of the Corporation Tax and VAT Returns 4) Monthly reconciliation of the VAT and Corporation Tax Schedules 5) Ensure all statutory and payroll deductions payments are made on time
  4. External Audit: Coordinate the requirement of the External Auditors for both the year-end and interim process
  5. Reviewing all payroll calculation