Inventory Auditors (Contract)

Job description

The incumbent ensures that the inventory data is accurate with the goal of facilitating customer satisfaction. The Inventory Auditor will conduct daily inventory counts and analysis to solve inventory problems. The role will be cross-functional, requiring the auditor to interface with many departments to understand the operation and the many components in inventory.

  • Perform cycle counting activities by physically counting items accordance with the Procedure.
  • Match physical counts to inventory and investigate variances. 
  • Perform recounts as necessary and post inventory adjustments daily/ as needed. 
  • Inform warehouse or stores of any inaccuracies to solve which cannot be solved by auditor. 
  • Document variances and analysis. 
  • Follow up to ensure that the resulting action items have been implemented and are operating effectively in each location. 
  • Review inventory reports to identify discrepancies in data. 
  • Analyze inventory transactions and identify and resolve. 
  • Support cross-functional continuous improvement projects. 
  • Determine reasons for discrepancies between physical stock and system records and ensure timely corrective action for all branches within the Company/Group. 
  • Participate in all physical stock counts and cycle counting activities and maintain a proper filing system.
  • To comply with all policies and procedures.  
  • Maintain professional attire according to dealership policy.
  • Can be rotated throughout the Company branches for training and or special inventory projects as mandated by management. 
  • To perform any duties which may or may not be related to the above as requested by the Manager.


Minimum Qualifications and Experience

  • Minimum 5 CXC passes (MUST include Mathematics and English)
  • Minimum of 6 units of CAPE passes
  • Minimum of two years experience in inventory control
  • Knowledge and experience Data Entry Management
  • Reporting skills is ideal
  • Good problem solving skills and initiative in the performance of daily job related tasks. 
  • Excellent customer relations.
  • Analyzing information, good literacy and numeracy skills
  • Must be medically fit in order to maneuver parts of varying weights, some of which can be exceeding 50lbs
  • MUST possess a valid driving permit
  • Required PPE - Safety Boots